Ciabatta (literally: slipper) is an Italian white bread made from wheat flour, water, salt, and yeast, created in 1976 by a baker in Verona, Veneto, Italy, in response to the popularity of French baguettes. Ciabatta is somewhat elongated, broad, flat and is baked in many variations. Ciabatta was first produced in 1982 by Francesco Favaron, a baker from Verona, in collaboration with Molini Adriesi who provided the flour to produce the bread. Mr. Favaron named the bread Ciabatta as he said that the shape of the bread reminded him of the slipper (Ciabatta) of his wife Andreina.

Description: Soft and airy bread with nutty flavor and chewy texture. Ideal for sandwiches or to eat with soup. Available in different sizes for sandwich or dinner use.
Ingredients: Organic white wheat flour, malt extract, sea salt, yeast.


The Casereccio (literally: homemade) is a multipurpose bread.
Shaped like a loaf, the casereccio is characterized by its thick golden crust, middle soft crumbs and fragrance of wheat.

Description: Common regional bread which resemble traditionally home made bread. It is commonly used at the dinner table. Each area has its own version. Claudio learnt this recipe at Sant'Agnello near Sorrento.
Ingredients: Organic white wheat flour, malt extract, sea salt, yeast.


The word sfilatino derives from filo, thread, a reference to its long and narrow shape.

Description: The sweetness of figs married with the savoriness of the dough and bitterness of walnuts makes for a unique flavor. This is a rich in flavor bread with a chewy crust and inner crumb. It is an excellent bread to eat with any blue cheese or any strong flavor cheese; or you can just make a bread and butter sandwich and enjoy it.
Ingredients: Organic white wheat flour, figs, walnuts, malt extract, sea salt, yeast.

Pane di Segale (Rye)

Historically South Tyrolean cuisine has few variations of rye breads.
These types of bread were born as a bread for the poor, which was baked only two or three times a year and kept in the dark.

Description: Our Natural Leavening version has a nice crumb and intense flavor (24 hour fermentation). It is a multipurpose bread for people who like rye.
Ingredients: Organic rye (75%), organic white wheat flour, malt extract, fennel seeds, sea salt, natural leavening.

Olive/Sun Dried Tomatoes Breads

One of our Natural Leavening breads. It comes in two versions: one with black olives and one with sun dried tomatoes.

Description:This nicely chewing bread has the typical natural leaving aroma. The richness given by the olives and by the sun dried tomatoes makes these breads a tasty dinner treat.
Ingredients: Organic white wheat flour, malt extract, black olives (or organic sun dried tomatoes), sea salt, natural leavening.


This bread with a typical "donught" shape is common in different regions of Italy, particularly in Calabria.
Our Natural Leavening version contains 30% of whole wheat.
Description:This nicely chewing bread has the typical natural leaving aroma with added fragrance due to the natural whole wheat nutty flavour.
Ingredients: Organic whole wheat (30%), organic white wheat flour, sea salt, natural leavening.

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