Description: Similar to jam pies, these nice, flaky, little pastry shells are filled with great local jams or coconut cream.

Ingredients: Pasta Frolla (Organic white wheat flour, butter, organic cane sugar, farm egg yolk), local jams.


Flaky and buttery little tubes filled with: - Vanilla curd, or
- Lemon curd, or
- Nutella

Description: Made with puffy pastry, these pastries are a delicious and delicate byte.

Ingredients: Organic white wheat flour, farm eggs, butter, sea salt.


Description: Similar to puffy creams, these soft and light balls are filled with Chantilly cream.

Ingredients: Organic white flour, farm eggs, butter, Chantilly cream (organic milk, organic cane sugar, organic corn starch, farm egg yolks, whipping cream, organic vanilla Extract)


Description: Popular coffee flavoured Italian dessert, we make a one person portion of this creamy and tasty cake.

Ingredients: Mascarpone cheese, organic cocoa, sugar, farm eggs, coffee, amaretto,organic white flour.

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